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All types of Bulk SMS have to be sent in Bengali

Source: BTRC Memorandum No: 14.32.0000.600.

On International Mother Language Day, the mobile operators will send all kinds of SMS to the customers in Bengali. The program was inaugurated on 20 February at February 20room of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, BTRC. According to the company, the operators have sent all kinds of SMS in Bangla to the customers’ mobiles since 20 February. The communications Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated the program on that day. At the Secretary of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. Khalilur Rahman, BTRC President Shyam Sundar Sikder, and representatives of four mobile companies were present.

All types of bulk SMS have to be sent in Bengali.
All types of bulk SMS have to be sent in Bengali.

BTRC organized a special meeting with SMS Aggregator on Sunday 26/02/2022 AD to discuss the above. Mr. Subrata Roy Mitra, Vice Chairman, BTRC, who presided over the meeting, mentioned that all types of SMS sent from mobile operators were officially inaugurated on the 20 February occasion of International Mother Language Day. But it is noticed that many promotional messages are still available in Bengali. He strongly directed all A2P SMS Aggregators listed by the Commission to implement the Commission’s directives in this regard.

It may be mentioned that in the context of the statement made by the director, the SISPAB representative informed that many people are doing promotional SMS business by purchasing P2P SMS Bundle packages from the mobile operators. In addition, mobile operators sell SMS Broadcast SIMs to many small/large organizations. The company is doing bulk SMS business without being an SMS Aggregator, and all kinds of promotional messages are available in English through such unscrupulous traders. However, the SMS Aggregator listed by the Commission complies with all the rules of the Commission and is sending Bangla SMS accordingly.

Following the discussion at the meeting, the following decision was taken:
1. From 7 March 2022, Promotional/notifications and transactional bulk SMS (excluding purchase notification through banking or pause machine) sent by Aggregator should be forwarded in Bengali.
2. Necessary steps will be taken after meeting with Bangladesh Bank from the Commission regarding sending financial / Banking / Transactional SMS to Bengali. Financial / Banking / Transactional SMS will send messages in English / Bangla until then.
3. OTP, Mobile Number, Numeric Digit, URL, etc., can be in English. However, the SMS template must be in Bengali.

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