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Virtual Mobile Number

These looks like normal mobile numbers and users are also charges normally as per their billing plan for sending messages on these numbers, following are the features and benefits of VMN. Its Global, your customer from anywhere in the world can send messages on these numbers. Customers From anywhere in the world can Call on these numbers, thus single global identity. Long Codes powered by MiM SMS can handle Voice, SMS and USSD.

Short Codes

Short Codes are normally used to get response from customer. It is also ideal to check what impact your campaign has made. These numbers are designed so that it can be remembered easily, mostly it will be of 5 digit numbers, to which mobile users can send text messages and get the desired response in the matter of seconds. They are easier to remember, handy and integrated across all telecom operators to provide a seamless experience to all.

Long Codes

Logn Code is same as Virtual Mobile Number. By this Logn Code, customer can easily sent and receive message via web portal & API. Also it can be use for Two-Factor Automation like OTP.

We provide long code and virtual phone numbers with international reach that can be easily implemented into applications, enabling P2A and P2P communication.

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