***Important** Deeping Service Implementation and Price Changes

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dear Customer & Partner,


Greetings from CODE FOR HOST, INC


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, BTRC has issued the referred directives on 28th March 2019 directing that all the SMS Aggregators are required to be connected with the MNP Service Provider by 3 June 2019 under obligation to comply all the directions and guidelines issued by BTRC from time to time.

It is also been directed that; the mobile operators shall have to shut down the services of the Aggregators if the direction is not followed within the aforementioned timeframe.


As an Aggregator CODE FOR HOST, INC are now connected with BTRC Approved MNP Service Provider.


Previously we informed that MNP connection will contain some extra charges and which have to bears CODE FOR HOST INC’s direct customer and re-seller.


In attachment you can find details for schedule charges and BTRC meeting minutes


1. https://www.mimsms.com/files/MNP/BTRC%2028-05-2019.pdf

2. https://www.mimsms.com/files/MNP/BTRC%206-02-2019.pdf

3. https://www.mimsms.com/files/MNP/Deeping%20Service%20Implementation%20and%20Price%20Changes-MiM%20SMS.pdf

4. https://www.mimsms.com/files/MNP/Reminder-%20Deeping%20Service%20Implementation%20and%20Price%20Changes.pdf


For more information please communicate with you Key Account Manager or



+88 0923 256 250,

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