BTRC instruction for Promotional SMS

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dear concern,

Greetings from Code For Host Inc Ltd

We would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that, BTRC has issued a directive, bearing reference no. 14.32.0000.600. on 31st December 2019 regarding SMS transaction through Bulk SMS Aggregators. Please note that, both the Bulk SMS service provider and the service receiver are under obligation to comply all the directions and guidelines issued by BTRC from time to time. 

Under the aforementioned directive, it is directed that:

From 15th January 2020 all the Bulk SMS aggregators shall have to take vetting from BRTC for all kind of SMS content. All the aggregators have to submit the SMS content & other details in given format (attached) to BTRC 10 (Ten) days prior to the transmission date and. Commission will provide the vetting within three working days of submission. From the mentioned date, no Bulk SMS aggregators shall be allowed to transmit SMS without the prior approval or vetting from BTRC.

Under this circumstance, in contrast with the above directive from BTRC, you are hereby asked to follow above directions with immediate effect. Please note that failure to comply with this instruction will be considered as violations of regulatory directive and CODE FOR HOST INC will terminate the service immediately without any notice along with claiming and realizing liquidated damages for such violation.


Process of approval


1.       Fill-up the attachment Content approval form.

2.       Properly sign, Scan & send to email address:

3.       Receive Approve from BTRC in reply email from BTRC authority.

4.       Send email to MiM SMS email address with the approval email of BTRC. (

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