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WHMCS SMS Notification Addons

  • SMS Log to track errors with up to date API info (from SMS callback) * Updated
  • Domain,Hosting Packname, Expiry Date, NextDue Date, Recurring amount, Days Left..and many more! * Sent SMS with all services info
  • 30 days & 5 days before expire) * Ability for multiply SMS notification at N days before expire (30,5
  • SMS API – Integrate the SMS Addon directly into your own script with a few line of code! * NEW

SMS Add-on Features * Automated SMS messages on actions (such as client registration and domain expiry) * Fully customisable SMS templates * Manually send individual clients a SMS (with AJAX search) * Allow clients to choose if they want to receive SMS from you * Tag Support, eg. {firstname} – Further personalise the SMS * Admin Login /Logout notify * Muliple SMS language Patterns * Easy API for every sms gateway intergration! * Ability to choose date format for Expiry Date & Next Due Date * Ability to sent SMS bigger than 160 characters (Long SMS) * History for sent SMS * Status for sent SMS * Ability to enable / disable to recieve SMS for each customer * Mass SMS, can sent SMS to all customers with certain message text. * Notification for new orders, new support tickets or replies also on certain ticket status (Customer-Reply), on invoice paid with many message keywords. * Multiple SMS gateway support * MiM SMS (Global) * MiM SMS (BPL) [Bangladesh Only] * ClickAtell (Global) * NetGsm (Turkey) * UcuzSmsAl (Turkey) * Mutlucell (Turkey) * Dakik SMS (Turkey) * msg91.com (India) * bytehand.com (Global, Russian) * 1sms.com.tr (Türkiye) * smsGateway.me (Global) * SendSms.ro (Romania, Global) * Custom Dev Kit

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