2-Factor Authentication | MiM SMS

How MiM SMS 2FA Works

Global 2-Factor Authentication with SMS and Voice

User downloads an app.
User enters cell phone number.
Number Lookup checks number validity. MiM SMS alerts app maker if number is invalid.
App maker alerts user the number entered is invalid, and prompts the user to re-enter number.
Number is validated and a PIN is sent to the correct number. With MiM SMS 2FA the PIN can be sent via SMS or Voice.
User enters the PIN to complete app activation.

2-Factor Authentication

Protect consumer data

Our 2-Factor Authentication secures your application, confidential user data and your business

It relies on a mobile phone to receive an additional log in credential – a one-time password or PIN number (OTP) delivered via SMS or Voice.

Counter the threat to privacy through phishing and hacking attacks by protecting user data with an SMS-powered 2-Factor authentication (2FA), a simple but effective tool which fortifies your application, consumer data and your business.

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Your complete solution for user security

Use the '2-Factor Authentication Cloud Messaging Security Solution' document to learn how enterprise ventures around the world use 'something you know' (user name, password) and 'something you have' (a mobile phone) to protect their clients, adding further value to their services.

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