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No, Only any legitimate and listed business entity / corporate institution / educational institution / financial institution/government institution / foreign institution operating in Bangladesh subject to government approval may receive bulk SMS service.

Sends up to 10 SMS or 1,500 characters in one go. Our platform will ensure they are displayed the way you intended on any device.

A maximum of 11 character names, which the buyer can send to the customer via text SMS with his name or brand. Masking text SMS is only one-way SMS.

According to the rules of MNO, masking name or sender ID can be registered in a maximum of 11 alphabets.

No, at present, only the English A-Z and 0-9 alphabets can be used to register masking name or sender id.

SMS credits will add your previously unused credits to the new account balance when you recharge your account.

Our SMS Transactions Per Second (TPS) is 400. So our SMS system can send up to 400 SMS per second.

Can I send an SMS on behalf of a foreign organization?

You can send SMS on behalf of a foreign institution; if they are operating in Bangladesh subject to government approval may receive bulk SMS service.

Can I check my SMS delivery report?

We provide real-time SMS delivery reports from both the portal and API. We also offer daily and monthly exportable reports and details SMS reports with DLR, usages, and transaction history.

How many characters count and charge me for an SMS?

Generally, 160 Characters are counted as 1 SMS in the case of the English language & 70 in other (Unicode) languages. Also, three characters will be lost for joining the SMS if the SMS part is more than 1 SMS as per the global rules of Teleco.

Can I send OTP SMS from MiM SMS?

Yes, you can send OTP SMS from MiM SMS. We only allowed local OTP SMS traffic. Any international OTP SMS traffic is prohibited and punishable by local law.

Will money be deducted for undelivered messages?

A2P operator charges for an SMS when submitting it. When the operator accepts an SMS request for a valid mobile number, they charge for that SMS. It can be Delivered or Undelivered after submission, depending on the Receiver/Operator.

Is there any refund policy?

If you are unhappy with the service, you are entitled to a refund within 30 days. You can find the refund policy details here https://www.mimsms.com/refund-policy

Is there an SMS API facility?

Yes, You will get Free API Access, and you can easily integrate it into your business workflows by using a single unified API. This API provides you low-latency, high-reliability interactions.

Is it need any approval for Location-Based SMS?

Clients shall have to take vetting from BRTC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) for all kinds of the SMS content. This policy does not cover OTP, Transactional, and Notificational SMS.

How long does it take to activate a new MiM SMS account?

The new account is usually activated within less than half an hour after submitting the required documents. Failure to verify a document may take longer than this.

Can I recharge any custom amount?

Yes, you can recharge the custom amount as you want. But only the first time do you need to purchase any bundle package from us, and you will get the price to depend on your recharge amount.

Don’t get any?

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